Industrial Filter Bags

Industrial Filter Bags are one of the most simple and efficient device ever created for liquid and dust collection application. It is one of the dust-collector-filter-bagseconomical and effective ways to filter coolants, ink filtration, paint strainers, and other liquid pre-filter applications. Besides filtration use, a simple filter can help avoid pollution problems. Due to its high collection efficiency and its ability to capture fine particulate it is an effective way to gather air pollutants to help clean the environment.

An air filter is defined as an instrument or a machine, meant to catch and eliminate solid particles like mold, dust, bacteria and pollen from air. Having a clean air is directly connected to production quality of any industry. So strict standards must be kept. As they are directly associated with the manufacturing process, they can affect the bottom line of the company depending on its working.

Different industry and manufacturing sites has various applications for this filter like finish product recovery, yield isolation powder form material recovery.

Working principle of Filter Bags

It works on a very simple yet effective principle. For different particulate matter recovery there are a couple of options available like precipitators,  scrubbers and filters. Out of this three options bag filter is the first choice because the material of this type of filter is expensive and high collection thus efficiency is desired and easily achieved.


When looking for a filter be careful on selecting the material of the bag filter. Temperature should be considered including particulate size. In order to select the filter for the job, it is important to at least do a couple of testing and experiment. Looking for an expert advice is most of the time necessary. There are bag filters that are made of glazed polypropylene and it can be use on many types of fluid like acids, alkalis and microorganism. There are different standards too. There are companies that tailor fits their bag filters to specific size and shape in order to support special kinds of market.

Why filter bags are important?

There are many devices which have been developed to take care of the mankind to save them for the atmospheric pollutants. Many manufacturing units produce unwanted substances in huge amount. These pollutants emitted in massive quantity and pollute the environment. Industrial filters are to be fitted so that the work environment becomes appropriate for the professionals and workers.

Filter bags are smartly fabricated and they take care that the pollutants do not harm both the environment and the professionals working their. There are varieties of filters available which are used in the industrial arena. These filters are equipping scientific methods, as in depth filtration is offered by air filters. Recognizing the need of diverse range of industries, variety of filters is manufactured to take care of needs of various industries.

These industrial filter bags are air intake elements which are developed to separate atmospheric dust or particulates using compressors, blowers, engines, vacuum pumps etc. Compressed air filters are most typical and normal forms of filters in the industrial sector.

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